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Breathe - Breathe is an extraordinarily breath-taking read...excuse the pun. But really, if there's one Dystopian book you should read, it's this. In most Dystopian novels, we don't get to see what caused the world to fall apart. Or at least, you only hear about it. Breathe changes all that, and gives the reader an ultimate do or die situation that is a stark reality of what our own future may one day be.Breathe centres around three main characters - Quinn, the premium. Bea, his best friend, and Alina, part of the resistance - and how their lives intertwine together. Usually I don't like novels where the the POV splits between two people, let alone three. This time, however, it seemed to work. At times I felt like I wasn't able to properly get to know each character. But through each chapter that you had with each of the three, you got to see the world through their eyes, and Sarah Crossan managed to do it in a really convincing way. And on the plus side, it didn't take away from the story too much. Quinn's puppy love for Alina really annoyed me, and there were times I just wanted to slap him across the face and yell "BEA YOU IDIOT! BEA!" As you can see, I am Team Bea. Breathe had a good mixture of action and internal dialogue. You learn a lot about the world that has come to be, how Premiums control the people, what the Resistance are doing. The novel, being set in an alternate United Kingdom, had a lot of settings that I recognized (anyone spot the old Arsenal stadium? Spot the football fanatic!) as well as being put straight into the action of the whole world. I'm hoping for even more world building in the next book, which I am definitely looking forward to!