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Override (Glitch - Trilogy)

Override - Heather Anastasiu It’s hard to imagine me at a loss for words, but as it seems to be with the sequels I’ve been reading so far this year, I’ve once again been left speechless by a novel. And it’s only the start of February. Sequels, especially the second book, are often looked upon as the make or break in a series. What happens in the sequel usually dictates how a reader feels, playing into emotions and the likelihood of the reader continuing the series. In short, as a reader we hold a lot of expectations on a second book and whether or not it is up to par, especially if we loved the first book. I guess the point I’m trying to make really is that Override is a sequel that does not disappoint. In fact, it does the opposite and blow you away completely. If you’ve been following me a long while, you’ll know the ecstatic happy dance I did when I first read Glitch. That feeling that you know you are going to love a book happened, and if you want to see what Glitch did to me you can do so here.But let’s move on. Override picks up pretty much where Glitch left off, so if you’ve not had the pleasure of reading the first book, then I suggest you stop reading now, and go out and hunt the book down so you can read it.Zoe is free from the control of the V-chip and Chancellor Bright, but being free doesn’t mean she’s safe, or that she has control of her life. Protected from the outside world by the Foundation, Zoe begins her training with the Resistance and other glitchers with special abilities like her, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Zoe is one of those characters who seem to have everything bad happen to them no matter what. The poor girl can never get any peace, and it seems like one thing after another that plagues her. One thing that I love most about Zoel (aside from having a really awesome name) is her growth as a person in Override. As Zoe begins to become more aware of herself and her surroundings, her character growth is outstanding. She begins to understand the world more, and the emotions around her. I loved seeing Zoe discover new feelings and emotions, and learn about what the Old World was like. It’s fascinating, to see someone who has had no concept of what emotion is begin to discover that it’s a natural part of our psyche. Her tenacity to try to help everyone, even when it’s a lost cause is a testament to the idea that in our world today, we as people have lost that caring nature in us, and that the idea of putting one’s self before the needs of others. There are plenty of new faces as well as old ones, and Zoe’s love interest Adrien is one of my favourite guys in YA literature at the moment. Though he comes across as shy and quiet, he’s also fiercely loyal and passionate, especially with Zoe. He doesn’t back down at all, even though his ‘glitch’ of having visions, as we see in Override, begins to tear him up. Another thing that makes this novel great – which is a testament to Anastasiu’s writing skills – is how perfectly woven into the main story line the minor characters lives are. Through Zoe’s eyes we capture everyone and everything. One of the minor characters I loved was Cole, an ex-Reg who was having problems of his own dealing with his human-ness, if you will. Spin off series there, maybe? What makes Override truly exceptional is how Anastasiu engages the reader throughout the whole novel. I was totally immersed in the story line the whole entire way through that at one point I was so engrossed I completely missed my stop to get off the train. Anastasiu weaves the plot so intricately that you get totally caught up in the story and are left gasping for more. By the end of Override, there will be no doubt that you are completely and utterly hooked. This is one sequel that will overload your emotions, and the end will make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. At least until July, anyway, when Shutdown comes out.