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Remembrance - Michelle Madow Imagine that one day you find that you had a past life, and in that past life you found your soul mate, your perfect match. And everything that happened in your past life, just seems to be happening in this life as well.That’s what happens to Liz Davenport in Michelle Madow’s debut novel, Remembrance, when she first sees Drew, the gorgeous new guy at school. There’s something familiar about him, and then all the flashbacks start to happen...The idea for this novel came from Taylor Swift’s Love Story, and when I first heard that Madow had based this book that song, I thought “Oh my God, it’s about bloody time!” Love Story was a book waiting to happen! Everything about this novel sounds captivating, from its cover to the whole premise that Liz and Drew have been reincarnated from Regency England – one of the most beautiful and romantic time periods ever (hello Mr. Darcy!) – to modern day America.For all the wonderfulness this book is, however, I felt that it was just a little bit underdeveloped. With such a major OMG factor as a ‘I can’t believe I know you from a past life’, Remembrance seemed to at first potter along at a reasonable pace, with Madow doing a wonderful job of introducing each character and setting out the scene for her book. But it seems to go too slow, and then suddenly everything happens within a blink of an eye and the book is finished. While I can’t read what happens next, I almost felt as if the book was over before it truly started.One of the great things about this book though was the OMG moments you have with some of the characters. Take Jeremy and Chelsea, for example. The first is meant to be Liz’s boyfriend before Drew appears on the scene, and Chelsea her best friend. But as friends, they suck. Major time. Jeremy is pushy, rude and extremely self centred, and doesn’t honestly give a fly about Liz. Why Liz is with him, I have no idea, and one of the things that constantly bugged me throughout the novel was Liz’s lack of respect for herself. Jeremy is a bad guy, and they start drifting apart, which Liz realizes, but what she doesn’t get is that none of it’s her fault, and finds herself continually apologizing to Jeremy. Which is not cool!! The same goes for her relationship with Chelsea, yet it is only marginally better. Plus, I’m giving Chelsea the benefit of the doubt, as I’m very intrigued about what everything would be like from her perspective, and Madow has given readers the opportunity to see in Vengenance, a companion novel to Rememberance.