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Spies and Prejudice

Spies and Prejudice - Talia Vance This book is possibly one of my favourite contemporaries of the year. In saying that, I was already looking forward to reading it, but that anticipation was nothing compared to the joy I felt while reading. It was, to put simply, amazing.To begin with, the mixture of spy and Pride and Prejudice just has to be one of the most amazing crossovers ever. Ingenious, really. And what I loved the most wasn't that this isn't just a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I loved how it wasn't just a by-the-book retelling. It's a remaining of such a wonderful story done by someone who can totally blow the plot out of the water by incorporating it into something modern and hip. I love retelling re-imaginings of Jane Austen novels (they're like a drug, I swear!), and this is definitely on that is high up on my list of favourites!Berry Fields was an incredibly sassy and witty character from the get go. She had her fair few moments of flawed annoyances, like her instant distrust of Tanner and even Ryan to a certain extent, but you could see why she'd feel wary about them. Two hot guys taking a sudden interest in you? Sure, even I'd be weirded out. And strangely attracted to say, Tanner like Berry is.The romance was steamy and just how I like it, with Tanner definitely making on to my Book Boyfriends list. He was such a good partner to Berry; just like Darcy & Elizabeth complimented each other in so many ways that they didn't know, so do Berry & Tanner. Their relationship is rocky at first, built on a series of misunderstandings, but as they progress through, they work through all this minor details and come to realize that they can actually be more than just friends. I love seeing two people who, while they are attracted to each other, fight against that attraction to begin with. There's something more sexy about lingering touches and forbidden touches that makes me squee like a little girl.If you are a fan of Veronica Mars and are totally devastated that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is over, then read this book. Full of little quips and funny one liners, Spies and Prejudice will have you swooning left right and centre. Beautifully written, Spies and Prejudice is definitely one of those books I'll keep wanting to re-read over and over again.