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Reaction (Reflection, #2) - Jessica Roberts If the New Adult trend appeals to you, or you’re interested in more mature YA reads, especially those set in college (okay, who are we kidding. It’s NA), then the Reflections series are for you. I’m going to do my review for both books in one, because you probably don’t want to hear me gushing twice. So my review to Reaction will just be a follow on from my review for Reflection.To begin, this series is amazing. Roberts takes a topic that at times seems over done (the shy college girl falling for the popular college guy) and twists it around so much that your heart will bleed. And if you aren’t tempted to cry at least once during reading the novel, then I’m sorry, we can’t be friends.At first I didn’t know how I would feel about this book. I wasn’t able to get into it straight away, and the change in tenses put me off, but I soon found myself completely absorbed in the story, so if tenses are something that annoy you, then PLEASE KEEP PUSHING FORWARD.At first all the medical jargon got me saying “Huh?” but you learn to get through it. It was actually quite fascinating, and definitely got my interest. Such a different topic for a novel, that’s for sure, and I found myself patiently listening to Dr. Adams as he explained things as if I was sitting there next to Heather.I found myself completely engrossed in this story. What makes it is the characters – they are all real people with real issues that you just instantly click with. At first I thought Heather was going to be the typical wallflower, but she had spunk. I think why I related to her so much was because her sense of humour is quite like mine. She’d be the sort of person that I’d gravitate to if I walked into a classroom full of people I didn’t know. And what I loved about her so much was that in Reaction, she never saw herself as the victim. When coming up against the Barbie, aka Paige, Nick’s fiancée (oops, spoilers!), she constantly tells herself that she’s the villain. Such whining (if you could even call it that) would make me roll my eyes, but I respected her for it. She knew that even though she loved Nick, she wasn’t going to come between them. Except, of course, you can’t fight true love.And Nick, oh, Nick. He is definitely my top fictional guy right now. He was amazing, and probably will be my favourite NA guy. Sorry Lucas, you’ve been trumped. Nick has a hard time showing his feelings, but that’s okay. His good looks make up for it. But he’s not just looks, he’s smart as well. Architecture smart. And that’s my weakness right there. He has plans, he has dreams. The past holds him back slightly, but he knows what he wants and he goes for it. And I love his motto of no promises as well. Nick shows integrity that a lot of guys in New Adult and YA books lack, and I found myself respecting him so much more in Reflection. I don’t really want to spoil it too much for people that haven’t read the books, or the first one at least, but in Reflection you find out that Nick pretty much gave up on Heather. And you want to slap him for that. Like Heather says, she would never have given up on him, but he was just content to let her go? Slap across the face, Nick. Bad boy. I still loved him though. All throughout Reflection, when it came to Paige, he was loyal. Nick kinda reminds me of George Tucker from Hart of Dixie, the TV show I’m addicted to at the moment. Both guys have strong feelings for the main girl, but are engaged to another. But they both have self respect and respect for the other in their life, and for that I respect them a whole lot more than say, Travis Maddox.The minor characters as well in the novels – from Creed, the best friend that takes care of Heather all the while she’s in her coma and out of it, to Liz, the girl you get to know so much more in Reflection. Even Stacey, the bitchy girl in Reflection. All the characters had a part and were amazing.Really, I don’t know what else to say. I cried, I sighed, I cried again, I told off the characters to the point my housemate wondered who I was talking to. This series is one that will break your heart, make you feel all gushy inside and wonder “Why can’t I find true love like that?”If it’s the last thing you do (especially with the end of the world coming up!), it’s read these two books. I promise you, you’ll be blown away.