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The Truth About Faking

The Truth About Faking - Leigh Talbert Moore Sometimes, all a girl needs is a good YA contemporary where she can laugh, cry, sigh and swoon over the hot guys. The Truth About Faking is that novel. And lucky for me, I was that girl. I love a good YA contemporary romance. Usually I lay it heavy on the drama-rama novels, the ones where everything is happening faster than you can say "leave me alone, I'm reading." Usually in the form of paranormal or dystopian, those are the books that tend to weigh you down, even if you enjoy them. So to perk me up, I devour about three or four rom-comps to push me back up.TTAF was just what the doctor ordered. Funny, sweet and completely charming, it swept me off my feet, and I spent the whole afternoon devoured in my copy. Screw uni work, I wanted to see if Harley finally realized that Jason was hot stuff. Now, I'm a little bias when it comes to novels. You see, I tend to be quite judgemental, and base my opinions around the romantic potential in a novel. If I don't feel the 'tingles', then it just doesn't cut it for me, no matter how awesome the plot and characters. If the romance doesn't do it for me, then I can safely say the rest of the book won't.I fell in love with Jason when he first crashed into Harley's life - literally.Harley was a girl who I loved. She was sassy, vibrant and completely head over heels in love. As much as I'm a sap for romance, I'm also a cynic. Normally, girls who are like "OMG He's the one! The lucky man I'm going to marry!" (if you get that quote, I will seriously show you some love!) make me barf. I hate it. But I found myself totally girl-crushing on Harley that it didn't matter. Leigh has wonderfully crafted the book so that you feel you're Harley's third BFF, the one that's there all the time. Sometimes I did feel like slapping her in the face and saying "WAKE UP GURL!" but that was all part of the attraction. What I loved the most was how she dealt with the issue between her Mum and the massage student. Harley doesn't take any crap from nobody, and I liked that. Both Jason and Trent were wonderful guys. Right from the start, Jason's in your face cockiness made me smirk and laugh as much as he did. His romance with Harley was one of those that made you have every entire emotion under the sun, and I think there were times when I was actually squeeing out loud. Trent as well, was a wonderful guy, and I loved Harley's crush on him.The only character I really didn't connect with was Shelley, which was a shame, as I thought her a bit superficial for a bestie, especially at the start. I mean, what BFF goes out with the guy you've been lusting over for ages? That's like, the rules of feminism! But anyway.The plot was just right as well. There were some great serious issues that were dealt with, and I loved the way they were handled with a naturally light overtone. You really connect with the book. If you love YA romances as much as I do, I seriously recommend getting your hands on this treasure. A fun and easy light read, Leigh hits all the right spots at all the right times.