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The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard - Deborah Blumenthal Let me begin by saying that this isn’t your average summer read, which automatically in my mind makes this book more interesting. Sure, there’s a gorgeous half naked guy staring up into the sun on the front cover, but don’t let that fool you.The Lifeguard centres on Sienna, who has escaped to her Aunt’s house for the summer while her parents are going through a messy divorce. Sienna spends her days at the beach, trying to will her to draw once again, but with no avail. Then she meets Pilot, the lifeguard on duty. One day he’s cold and aloof, the next day he’s charming and sweet, yet Sienna feels herself drawn towards him. Something about Pilot is, well, different.Character development plays a big role in this book. Sienna seems to be focused only on one thing - herself and her emotions regarding her parents divorce. What she needs to realize, is that the world doesn’t necessarily revolve around her - which her Aunt fixes by sending her to volunteer at the local hospital. Sienna gets to see what real pain is like when a boy called Cody is injured in a bicycle accident, and from there on we see Sienna starting to slowly change.This book has its good bits and its bad bits. While I would pick something like this up from the shelf, it would be on looks alone. I felt that Sienna was a bit immature for her age, and sometimes didn’t act like a seventeen year old. This book, in my opinion, would be suited more for middle-graders rather than older teens. Though Sienna was developing as a character throughout the story, it was very brief and I felt that her obsession with Pilot seemed to take forefront.I’m a big sap when it comes to romances, and this is where I find the book enjoyable. The interaction between Sienna and Pilot is great, although at times Sienna’s interest in Pilot seemed a bit on the intense side. There’s a bit of a twist in the book as well, which I won’t ruin for you - but it just means that you need to go and read it for yourself! I think this is what set this book apart from just being your typical summer novel, and it worked really well. If you are looking for a light beach read with a slight supernatural twist to it for your summer vacation, then make sure this is on your book list!