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Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart - Katie Klein It's a classic story line. Girl meets boy. Girl is the goody two shoes type, boy is the Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean bad boy. Girl falls in love with boy, despite friends, boyfriend and family being against it.Cross My Heart at first glance may seem like that typical, cliched high school romance story which everyone (even if secretly) loves. Everything about this book screams cliche, but the funny thing is, it's not. Or even if it is, everything about this book has been written so brilliantly that it simply doesn't matter.Take the characters, for example. Starting with our heroine, Jaden. She's smart, on the honour roll, salutatorian, works in the school's office, supporter of every charity known to mankind. She's also (even though it's only briefly hinted at) a cheerleader and dates a basketball player. Yet she's also one of the most well rounded characters I've ever read. It's not just that she does all of that stuff, but she has feelings...feelings you can relate to. And let's not get started on Parker. There's something different about how Klein has portrayed his whole 'everyone thinks I'm the bad boy but I'm not really' persona that comes across, and that's GOOD. Even the minor characters in the book are fantastic, from Jaden's best friend Savannah, to her family, especially her brother Daniel. Nothing about the characters in this book is perfect, they all have their different flaws, but that's what makes them more real. More human. More ALIVE!This book has everything that a great contemporary love story should have. Brilliant characters, a fantastic plot (OMG THAT ENDING!!!!). I found myself never wanting it to end. I was actually teary by the time the last page came up because I didn't want to put the book down. If Clockwork Prince can be counted as my favourite supernatural book, then this is definitely my new favourite contemporary book, and I cannot wait to dive into Klein's new series, Guardian. A fantastic five out of five from me!!!