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Wanted - Amanda Lance have to admit, I was both excited and wary of starting this book. The synopsis alone grabbed me in the fact that it wasn't quite like other New Adult contemporaries I'd been reading. It actually had a substantial plot going for it. So then why was I wary? Probably because of recent bad experiences making it so.Anyway, reading Wanted, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though a bit on the short side, and the actual plausibility of the story seemed a little far fetched, Wanted did what the author seemed to set out to do - give us something to read. The great thing was that we had a really authentic character out of Addie. I loved her voice, and for a seventeen year old, she's been through a lot, and was way more mature (at times) for her age, which I found I respected a lot. Granted, falling in love with your captor isn't really something that you would think when kidnapped, and I liked how at first Addie was constantly questioning herself over her feelings. I can see though, how if one person showed you at least a little respect in a situation like she was in, how you would feel not quite connected with someone, but you'd be more likely to open up to that person.I thought the romance was great as well. While again, a little cliched, it was something I could overlook because I was enjoying the book. Charlie's sensitivity seems to be rare in New Adult novels, and he wasn't overbearing or too domineering either. He looked at Addie as if she were a precious jewel, and that aggressive side of him was, I have to admit, quite attractive. There wasn't any sex either, which was GREAT! I know, right, I sound like a prude. But sometimes, you don't need sex in a blooming relationship. And Wanted shows this. The ending felt a little rush and done with, and maybe for once could have used an epilogue, but I liked how the story was open ended somewhat, so you could make up your own mind. Definitely a read if you are, well, just wanting something light and fantastical to read!