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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - There's only one word to describe this book: sexylicious. Okay, so that's a combination of like, two words, but still. This book is hott - with the extra T. Sweet Evil is a fresh new take on the Nephilim legend with a twist - the 7 Deadly Sins.The world that Wendy has created is amazing. While most angel books deal with the same idea that's just been recycled into a different interpretation, Wendy has taken the angel angle (ha, love the play on words there) and flipped it on its head. And that's what makes this paranormal romance a great read. The back story - the 12 of the strongest fallen angels who are Dukes who represent the 7 Deadly Sins (and then some extras, because we all know that the sins don't just stop at 7!), the idea of emotions being colours that the Nephil & Demons can see - it certainly makes this story a one of a kind!What did I love most about Sweet Evil? The characters. They made this book the awesomeness that it was. Is. Firstly, there's Anna. She's incredibly naive and wholesome, which is sometimes aggravating. Why do I like that so much? She's normal! Okay, so she's not so normal. Anna can also see people's emotions. But overall, deep down, she's as normal as she can possibly be. I fell easily into Anna's shoes and was able to relate to everything that she was going through. Which is a big plus for me. Even the minor characters are fantastic. From Jay, Anna's best friend, right down the other side to the creepy demon Dukes, everyone had the own part that makes this novel fantastic. I haven't even gotten to the best thing about this book. Wait, rephrase - the best person in this book. Kaiden Rowe. Kai. Rowe. Kaiden. Rowe. Hotty McHotty. Mr. Sexylicious himself. There's no real way to describe Kaiden. He is gorgeous. Sexy. Smoking hot. Sexiness aside, Kai is a little troubled. There's more to him than meets the eye - he's not as slutty as he makes out to be. It's all a front. It's not his fault that his dad's the Duke of Lust, right? He's drawn to Anna as much as she is, and it's something that he doesn't like one bit. Mainly because it scares the crap out of him, but still. Cue awe moment.The only thing I didn't like? The ending. Wendy has a way of sucking you right into a book and then leave you in pieces. I wanted more, more, more!One thing I know, I definitely need more Kaiden Rowe in my life, and I'm so glad at this point in my review to say that he will be gracing it again next year. Yes, that's right. Sweet Hope is going to be a book, and that's not all. There will be a third as well!