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The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey There is definitely no doubt in my mind why The 5th Wave was on so many most anticipated lists this year. Like no other.Is it weird to say that there are some male authors out there who can write badass girls like no female author can? Okay, don’t kick my butt. But in this case, it’s true. Rick Yancey writes badass that puts Cassie up in the high seat where Katniss and Hermione currently reign in the midst of magic spellls and archery. She’s a girl that was completely normal and average and thrown into a not so normal situation and adapted the best she could. She even goes to say there are two Cassies, the one before the Arrival, and the one after the Arrival. But the great thing about Cassie is that she is so human in the fact that she does only care about herself. Think about it. Aliens come down to Earth and are bent on destroying humanity one wave at a time. Of course your main focus is going to be your immediate family. So Cassie’s journey is centred around the survival of her family. One act turns her into a different person, and another one gives her back some of that humanity she’s lost over the years.The whole entire plot of this story was like something out of a Steven Speilberg film. Considering that I’m totally addicted to Falling Skies at the moment, it’s not that hard to understand that while not as appealing as before, there’s something about aliens that has me all in a tither.Haha. Okay, so it’s the guy factor rather than the alien factor, but still.The concept that Rick Yancey has given us - that aliens have invaded earth in waves and are trying to eliminate the entire human race to make way for what? Is really really appealing, even for someone who doesn’t like aliens (I’ve never been into them. I blame watching Mars Attack when I was eight. Seeing James Bond’s head on a dog just scars you for life), this was a great read. The combination of survival for the fittest and cray cray military training of kids would work for everyone. Guys included.What didn’t sway me as much as I thought was the romance between Cassie and Evan. For me, it was just too sudden. The idea of who Evan was though (spoilers!) made it all the more appealing. Where my eyes rolled a little was the way the story played out between Cassie and her high school crush, Ben Parrish. Though love triangle isn’t shouted out from the rooftops, it’s certainly hinted at, especially at the end. That cliché seemed to bring the overall story down a couple of notches for me-but don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed this story. I just didn’t love it, like I know a lot of people did.The other thing that annoyed me was the shift in point of views through out the novel. Now again, this was purely personal. I’m not one for changing POV, it messes with my head and I feel like I don’t get to see the characters as much. Here, though, you had first person, third person, and a total of four narrators. Some was necessary for the story to link and click into place, but the others was just a bit too much of a mind twist for my enjoyment.Overall, I can see why so many people have enjoyed and loved reading this book. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air in a seemingly inundated world of apocalyptic romance. Definitely pick this up if you want something different.Just remember.Aliens.