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Just for Now  - Abbi Glines Meh, it was okay. Follows the same formula of the other three books, with of course, the same obsession with boobs and that lovely Southern charm that all Alabama girls seem to have - platinum blonde hair, fake boobs and too short shorts. To be completely honest, it's been a while since I read Just For Now, and I'm struggling to actually remember what happened in the novel. My mind is so jumbled with the amount of erections and boob staring that went on in this book, I don't think anything noteworthy ever happened - oh except finding out that Preston was pretty much a male prostitute. What a surprise there. The further into the Sea Breeze world we go, the further down the category spectrum we find ourselves. Breathe started off as a YA novel, and the next two books from there progressed to NA, but Just For Now barely leaves any room to call itself a New Adult novel, considering that the story line is basically something you'd find coming out of an erotica novel. I don't care if your characters fall in between the age group that NA is supposed to be. Age group is just one defining part of what makes NA. So is content, and quite frankly, having sex or sexual innuendos appear every four pages does not count as content. I guess this is just another book for those who don't want to actually read anything that's too taxing on the brain, and like a lot of steam in their novels. Also, is there anyone in Alabama who isn't a platinum blonde? Expect for Willow of course, cos she's got those fiery read locks.So my feelings about this series can only be summed up in one way. Needless to say, I'm completely done, and won't be reading any more Sea Breeze novels, despite how many of them keep on spawning.