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Storm (Elementals, #1) - Brigid Kemmerer When I first picked up Storm, I knew I would like it. I mean, FOUR BROTHERS. Those two words alone are enough to pull me in. But I was a little bi hesitant – would this just be another one of those stories about the girl who meets the guy with powers and a family full of gorgeous creatures? With that prejudice on my shoulder, I should have been more prepared. Because Storm completely blew me away. It just wasn’t another YA fantasy romance. So that was Brigid 1, Hannah 0. I'd heard good things from fellow Aussie bloggers, so why not just jump right in and read it? Especially when, kid you not, we were in the middle of a storm?I felt myself getting lost in this book. Not lost as in “Huh, WTF just happened there?” But lost to the outside world. Before I knew it I’d been reading all night and it was time to get up. Usually I’m not one for the he and she perspective – I tend to connect more with the first person “I” and “me” perspective, but Brigid had me completely enthralled. Another pet peeve of mine is changing perspectives, and in this book we got to see through Becca’s and Chris’ eyes. But I loved it. It didn’t feel choppy, it wasn’t rushed, you didn’t lose the feel of the character’s voices. It felt natural, and I loved it.One of the things I loved most about this book was that the main idea behind it – people called Elementals who can use the elements to their advantage – isn’t really one that you seen in YA fiction these days. Even then, I thought Brigid was able to hold her own candle against all the other books that use the same sort of idea. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just loved the idea of the elements calling to you - "The rain called to him, each drop begging him to join the downpour, whispering promises he didn't quite understand yet."Becca is hands down one of my favourite YA heroines. She was absolutely amazing – she puts Bella Swan to shame and gives Clary Fray a run for her money, that’s for sure! Becca is broken and hurting after the vicious rumours spread around the school. Her mum works all hours, and her Dad is MIA. But somehow, she still remains strongs and holds on to her beliefs. And she’s not afraid to just sit back and take it all. Sure, she doesn’t exactly fight back against the bullies, but she’s not being a wallflower about it. And that’s what I loved about Becca. She’s snarky, sarcastic and holds her ground. She’s the type of girl I want to be.And now. The main attraction. Yes, those boys. Oh be still my beating heart. Honestly, I don’t think you could get four boys more hotter than the Merrick brothers. While I loved the romance between Chris and Becca, I have to say that my favourite brother is definitely Nick. Nick needs his own story. I’ll be Nick’s story. Oh he’s smart, he’s gorgeous, he’s funny, he’s witty ....help me I am melting in a puddle of my own drool. Although, I wouldn’t mind him and Gabriel pulling the old switcheroo trick on me – maybe once or twice. And then there’s the eldest, Michael, who’s got his own story to tell.Brigid Kemmerer weaves a fantastic story with a supernatural touch with Storm, the first in a series that has literally grabbed the blogging world by storm, thunderbolts and lightening and all. A story that holds its own, Storm is full of enough action and romance to feel like you’ve just hopped on a ride at Wet n Wild on the Gold Coast.This review is kind of choppy, because my thoughts are still all over the place at the moment. What an emotional rollercoaster of a book! I’ve just been approved to read Spark on NetGalley (thanks Kensington!) so I’m really eager to get into reading about Gabriel. And the best thing about this book? Well, apart from the Merrick brothers? There’s still more to come. Commence happy dance now.