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Ever (Ever, #1) - Jessa Russo If you are looking for a book that keeps you up at night, then this book may or may not do it for you. Because when it comes to Ever, it’s all about personal opinions and what YOU as a reader want from a book, something that’s hard to review. So my review today is going to be a very personal one. You’ve been warned.I know that for me personally, I tend to judge a book on how much I want to stay up late and read it, despite knowing that I’ve got life going on the next day. With Ever, I found that it was pretty much touch and go.And that pretty much sums up the whole book.Where Ever wins is its premise. While the book started off slow – there was quite a lot of filling time, which bored me to death – once you get about just over halfway, things start picking up and the plot actually becomes interesting. At one stage I remember thinking to myself, “God, this would be so much better if the plot just concentrated on one thing.”Because there is a lot going on in this book. When Ever starts, we find out that she is still reeling from the death of her best friend and the boy she loves, Frankie. But Frankie’s a ghost who refuses to move on, and since the accident he’s stayed by her side and Ever has declared (in her mind) her undying love for him. Then Toby moves in to Frankie’s old house next door, and Ever starts reassessing her situation with Frankie – all she wants is to feel loved and touched back, something that Frankie can’t give her, but Toby can. Cue mysteriousness – Toby’s got a secret.To be honest, the plot is kind of yawn, and it infuriated me to no end at the start. I was majorly put off by the insta-love, and I’m not usually so annoyed with it, but this brought a whole new meaning to the phrase. Literally the second sentence that Toby says to Ever is “go out with me.” When Ever first sees Toby, it’s instant attraction. I was like WTF? You’ve just spent the last however many pages moaning about how you love Frankie, yet one look at another (hot) guy and your heart is torn into two instantly? Nah uh. It don’t work like that. It all seemed a bit rushed to me, and would have flowed a lot better if the author had’ve paid attention to creating a budding romance at the start instead of rushing the OMG YOU’RE A GUY WHO IS HOT part and then moving on to the sexy times. And speaking of the sexy times. There was at least a good 50 odd pages devoted to it. And even for someone who adores sexy times like me, this was a bit too much.There were some flaws in the plot as well, which with a debut author, you tend to give a little leeway, but something’s also got to give. For one, there’s a death of a minor character, which seems all a little pointless and trivial, but then you find out that there was another death, and were expecting it to be a part of the bigger picture but nup. Nada. Which happened quite a lot. And it was very frustrating. Loose threads and big plot holes that went all the way to China let down what could be a really great book.I think my main problem with the story was the characters, in all honesty. Ever was not a girl I’d like to be friends with. She’s whiny, depressed, puts herself down constantly (I can see her FB statuses being those FML ones that no-one wants to read) and seems to have major double standard issues. As mentioned before with the ra-ra-rom-ma-ma, Ever is pining and crushing on the dead as Frankie, but as soon as she sees Toby she’s like HELLO HOTNESS, LET’S GET OUR MACK ON. But then she’s like, “Oh, but what about Frankie? I totes j’adore him. But he’s a ghostie, he Cannae touch me. But Toby, he’s so muscly in all the right places, but I can’t do that with him because what about Frankie?” Seriously, that’s what it was like. Facepalm.And speaking of Frankie. For about three quarters of the book, all I could think of was WTF are you doing here mate? Frankie’s a ghost. But he’s a ghost that everyone can see. At first I was all like, “Aw yeah, I totes dig that, people can see ghosts, like Shade, right?” Wrong. When Toby and Ever go on a date, she sees a ghost that no-one else can see. Inconsistency! Anyways, back to Frankie. To be honest, I just didn’t see the point of him. He walked around, had deep and meaningfuls with Ever’s parents, sat in her room while she slept (cue the Twilight comment and inevitable groaning) and just generally was there. He didn’t do anything, except maybe check her out with his eyes once or twice. His verbal skills were severely lacking. And one thing I REALLY hate is pet names for people. Frankie called Ever “Doll” so many times that if I were her, I’d punch him in the face. Really, he’s a teenage boy from the 21st century. Just like it’s uncool for our parents to use our slang, it works both ways. The best character out of the lot was Aridne, and only because she was a cray cray bitch that made Regina George look like an absolute saint. She’s conniving, manipulative, selfish and just plain evil. And she totes gets away with it. She walks over everyone, ex boyfriend Toby included. So enough with the downfalls and the flaws. As I said before, this is all my personal opinion. I’d never tell a person not to read a book, I don’t think that’s right. What I may hate, you may love. So feel free to give this book a try. While it did have its flaws, once you get into Ever underneath it all is a decent book. I know I definitely want to read what happens next, as the ending (while very predictable) left me wanting more.That’s good thing, right?