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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Recently, I haven’t read a book that has completely wowed me, and it’s put me into a bit of a reading rut. I’m always hesitant now to start reading a new book; simply because I’m worried I won’t like it. I think I was in the middle of this rut when I started Poison Princess. I read a bit of the first chapter, couldn’t get any further and put it back down again.A couple of days later, with nothing else to read (haha, I’m so funny. My TBR list is sky high. I always have something to read!), I decided to give it a go instead. This time, I managed to plough my way through – but barely.Poison Princess is certainly an interesting read, no matter which way you look at it. The whole idea of it was definitely something I enjoyed, and that’s reflected in my rating. It’s probably the only reason I’ve rated it so high (considering how much I disliked it). The whole idea of tarot cards being real people was an interesting concept I’ve certainly not heard of in YA before, but please feel free to leave suggestions if you know of any books that are!Combined with the apocalyptic factor, my interest had been more than peaked when I first heard about this book. Combined with a more than sexylicious guy on the front cover, I was prepared to be wowed by this book, especially after hearing Kresley’s reputation in the adult paranormal fiction world.Sadly, Poison Princess didn’t hit the buttons that it did for so many of my blogger friends. It was definitely one of those moments where I was wondering if we were reading the same book.I found Evie to be a completely annoying character who had no redeeming qualities about her. She was a rich, spoiled girl whose visions got her into trouble. While we were supposed to be sympathetic with her over her ‘imprisonment’ by her mother, her whinyness made me wince. Having everything and being ‘special’, for me, doesn’t really work out well. Let’s just say if I were stuck in a car with Evie, one of us would have been left on the side of the road long ago, and it wouldn’t have been me.Then there’s Jack, the love interest. The guy we are all supposed to drool over. The one with the sexy Cajun accent. The motorcycle and bad attitude. Now give me a guy on a motorcycle that is hot and wears a leather jacket any day. Make him a sexist, chauvinistic pig like Jack, and I’ll be fixing the brakes on his bike. Jack was NOT a guy I’d want as a romantic interest. In all truthfulness, he and Evie can have each other. From the get go, Jack was Sleezy McCheezy. Not only did he act like he was above everyone, in age as well as social status, he has the balls to tell Evie that she should ‘put out’ for him because it’s the apocalypse. Because that is total romance, right there. What’s worse is that Evie falls for it too, and wants to give herself up to a guy who is content to go and flirt with some other chick minutes after she’s rejected his advances.Honestly, I wish I could have liked this book more than I did. I understand why people enjoyed it so much, but it really wasn’t for me. While I loved the initial premise behind it, the actual story and its characters fell flat and the romance made me want to go burn a couple of bras.