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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang As much as I love Dystopian fiction, the one thing that I find ultimately holds some works back is that they are too generic in their plot. It’s like you get one great Dystopian read, and then there are about ten new copycat versions of it but with different characters and a different setting. And as much as I can read Dystopian YA until my eyes fall out, there does come a point where you do get sick of it, and until I read What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang, I have to admit, I was in a Dystopian slump.The idea behind What’s Left Of Me is definitely intriguing enough to wake you up. Two souls co-exist in the body before one has to take over. It’s definitely not been done before – at least, not to my knowledge.And with this fantastic idea, Zhang provides a brilliant debut novel that is set just at the right pace, keeping you interested until the very end.When we meet Eva and Addie, they are two souls who share the same body. Almost polar opposites, in the people that they are, which reflects in Addie being the dominant soul over the quieter Eva. They’ve kept this a secret since a young age, when both souls refused to go away, and the girls have co-existed somewhat peacefully since. You really feel for Eva, whose perspective we read from, who is stuck as the less dominant soul, a voice in the back of Addie’s head. She can’t communicate or show any of the emotions that she wants to, and slowly as she learns to take control of the body she shares you begin to see a side of Addie you wish didn’t exist. With the introduction of characters that are like Eva and Addie, you begin to sympathize for these souls as real people, despite the fact that they have just one body. They are two separate beings, in one body. They’re sisters, and the internal and emotional struggle that they face is really quite…how should I say it? Heartbreaking.Another factor that I enjoyed about What’s Left Of Me is that the romance is not the centre of the book. It’s subtle and really well done, and not at all overbearing. You can see the growth of the relationships being played out, rather than the full intensity you sometimes get in Dystopian style romances.The only thing that really let down this novel was that I felt often confused at times at certain facts. I couldn’t really understand if the world that Eva and Addie lived in was a futuristic world, or sort of an alternate world in our time setting. Whatever the confusion, though, this was an incredible first novel, and I’m intrigued to see where it goes from now. I’d love to read more about the Resistance as well, and how the budding romance between Ryan and Eva will be played out. Plus this book seriously has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve laid eyes on, and I hate pink and purple. So that’s saying something.