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Doomed - Tracy Deebs Finally - an apocalyptic book that I enjoyed! I find it rare these days to find a Young Adult book that deals with an apocalypse happening. The in the moment, the world is ending type. Sure, I've got a few on my to be read list, but they are still there because of their inaccessibility and my student income - or lack there of. Most of the apocaylptic novels I've read have left me weeping - and not in a good way, so while I was excited for Doomed, I was extremely wary and on my guard. Maybe that was a good thing, because I ended up loving this book!Doomed tells the story of Pandora a girl who lives with her absent lawyer mother. On her birthday, she recieves an email from her estranged father, finding twelve photos of when she was young. There's also a link to a game modeled on a post apocalyptic society, Zero Day, the current 'it' game. Then chaos reigns - the Internet is down. Electrical grids fail. The world is plunged into darkness. What makes this book so great is the idea that we are a world controlled by technology, and the possibility of what would happen if it were to fail. By no means is it a realistic situation, but definitely a scary possibility. Tracy draws the reader in immediately, not wasting any time to get to the main part of the story - the road trip that Pandora takes in order to 'beat the game, save the world.' We learn a lot about her on her journey - about the mother that's too concerned about winning in court for the big gas companies, and the father that left them behind years ago. Pandora is a really sassy character, one that I really connected with, and found the chemistry between her and the boys - Theo and Eli - entertaining.Speaking of the boys, there's nothing quite like a little bit of a love triangle. Pandora finds herself caught between the two step brothers, each who have their own personal demons to fight, and I felt myself falling for both of them. While yes, it was a bit of a cliche and - cringe -insta love, Doomed is more of a light doomsday style of book, and the love triangle added a great element to the story line.Overall, Doomed was a thrilling and capitvating read that will appeal to your adventurous side. Full of non stop action and light romance, Doomed is a read that kept me up to the small hours of the night!