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Unravel Me  - Tahereh Mafi Unravel Me continues right where Shatter Me left off, with your heart in shreds on the floor. The break we had inbetween books was a time to pick our shattered hearts up off the cold ground and let the healing process set in. In between that, we had healthy and heated discussions on who was hotter – Adam or Warner – and whether or not there was a setting trend in bad boys on the rise (of which, of course, there is!).Now Unravel Me threatens to destroy (excuse the pun, diehard fans) everything we’ve rebuilt. It literally reaches in and grabs at your heart, tearing it once more into fragile pieces of glass that are then stomped on over and over again until there is nothing left for you to do but weep in hope that Tahereh Mafi will take pity on you and give you the third book right away.Okay, enough of the dramatics. Yes, this book literally unravelled me. It unnerved me. It shattered me. It tore me apart. I cried, I cheered, I swooned, I giggled like a school girl. I cringed, I bled, I weeped, I blushed, I had to make sure that the people I was surrounded by on my train to work hadn’t heard my audible gasps every two minutes. Unravel Me absolutely blew me away. And really, it’s because of one man. Warner. Seriously, no fictional character should be able to do the things he does to me. I simply melt at the mere mention of his name. Of course, if Shatter Me is Adam’s story, then Unravel Me is Warner’s. There’s surprises galore that are somewhat “I kind of expected that,” but you get so caught up in the book that it still shocks you. And if you’ve read Destroy Me, Warner’s novella, then you understand the conflict that is going on. Also, there should be an advisory on Chapter 64. Just saying. You might not want to read that bit in public.Juliette is a character that I’ve never really felt connected with, and this was no exception. She’s completely ruled by her emotions and feelings and never really thinks things through, which personally doesn’t sit well for my level headedness. She’s no Tris or Katniss, that’s for sure, but she’s definitely making her away up there. Love interest Adam also irritates me in Unravel Me. Double standards come into play, and as much as I love the guy, his hot and cold shoulders frustrated the hell out of me. We don’t however, get as much time with Adam as we’d like (SORRY! Don’t hate me. I’m sad too.) but I’m okay with that, because it meant other storylines could develop further. It’s a shame books have to end somewhere though! And boy oh boy, am I a sucker for sexual tension – no matter which boy is on the receiving end.The only other thing I don't like is the new Australian covers. I'm so guys, but she looks like a blonde version of Samara from The Ring. I know my fellow Aussies will back me up here too. Why can't we have the gorgeous American covers too???Everything I feel about this book I’ve already said it. But be prepared - this isn’t just the second book in a series. Unravel Me is packed full of surprises, action and secrets that will rip you apart. The end is completely not what you expect, and will leave you back in that same mental state that Shatter Me left you in.