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The Beautiful and the Cursed (Beautiful and the Cursed (Grotesque)) (Grotesque Series) - Page Morgan Give me old fashioned lingering glances and squeezing of hands behind backs ANY day of the month over raunchy, steamy sex scenes. There's something beautiful in the way an author can convey emotions not in a physical sense, but an emotional one, & Page Morgan is no exception.I adored this book. It ticked all of my boxes. Historical? Check. Paris? Check. Gorgeous, mysterious guys? Check. Forbidden romances? Check. And holy moly I'll never be able to look at a gargoyle the same way again. Everything about this book was thrilling. It was full of action, it didn't lull at all, the characters we alive. My only (really personal) problem with the novel was the third person POV that changed from chapter to chapter, but that is, as I say, a personal preference. It was needed for this story to be told, but the author didn't let that take away from the characterization at all. Parts of the book took me by complete surprise - like Gabby, Ingrid's sister. At first you think the book is all about her, but it's not. Gabby gets her due too, and boy oh boy. Let's just say I'm a sucker for a Scot.This is definitely one of those books you don't want to overlook when you're trying to decide what to read next. It was a breath of fresh air - I mean, hello, gargoyles. Need I say more? I love it when paranormal books slide away from that stigma that "young adult is just full of Twilight wannabes." It's not, and TBatC is one of those books proving that.If you're looking for something similar to Cassie Clare's The Infernal Devices series, this is what I would recommend. All you will be left wanting is more, and I cannot wait until the next one comes out!Final rating 4.5 stars