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State of Emergency (Collapse Series #1) - Summer Lane This book is awesomesauce. Literally.Los Angeles, present day. Cassidy, a high school graduate, needs a job. There's barely any food in her pantry, and then all of a sudden all her electronics just die. And as we know, technology doesn't just die. An electronic pulse has just hit the US, and Cassidy does the one thing her father taught her best: go into survival mode. It's hard to imagine what the world would be like if one day you woke up and everything just died. If planes started falling out of the sky. What would you do? How would you react? Summer effortlessly tells the story of one girl's need to survive whatever has happened to her country. She paints a realistic picture of the what if. You know all those disaster movies we watch? The ones where everything unrealistic happens to the characters?Okay, so maybe that's a bad example. But it's still Hollywood!Those Hollywood execs should be taking lessons from Summer, because she knows how to tap the realism. Yes, I know, I'm babbling. But...it's so good, you know? No. Well, that's cos you need to read the book!!!!I love dystopian fiction, but what's lacking these days is apocalyptic fiction, and SOE fills that gap. Sure, it's New Adult, but I'd definitely recommend this one for any mature readers out there. There's something about that unknown future that just sends the right signals to my reader's brain, so it's no surprise that I completely devoured SOE in one reading.From the characters to the prose, Summer has a knack for the art of story telling. I felt like I was walking right alongside Cassidy and Chris, going through all of Cassidy's emotions and just seeing that bigger picture just a little bit more. Cassidy was a strong character that I managed to connect really well with. She's logical, smart and intuitive, but at the same time she's not completely ruled by her head. The absence of her mother means that it's just been her father and her for years, so she's not used to strangers, and it shows when she meets Chris just how wary she is. But what makes her even more so great is that while she does have that level-headedness, she's also passionate, impulse, and just a little bit reckless. I love how she sticks to her guns as well. Throughout the whole novel, Cassidy is focused on one goal - meeting up with her father at their emergency point. It's refreshing to see a girl who isn't waylaid by a hot guy for once.Cue Chris. Excuse me while I fan myself down. Chris is the older, extremely gorgeous Navy Seal that Cassidy almost runs over when heading out of LA to meet up with her father. Chris is everything that Cassidy isn't - he's definitely the more logical and focused one, and while at times they clash, it's the good sort. Chris isn't one to be pedantic either. For example, if Cassidy pushes him to do things her way and it leads them in to some sort of trouble, he's not the guy who is going to be all, "I told you so!" He was sweet, charming and that little bit mysterious that I just wanted to snog him silly myself. If Cassidy hadn't been standing in my way of course!Overall, State of Emergency was one of those reads that you just didn't want to finish. I found myself catipulted head first into a strange new world, and I enjoyed it so much I came out of reading thinking, "Oh my, why aren't the lights on? We've been hit by an electromagnetic pulse!" It took me a good five minutes to realize that it actually hadn't happened and I'd been reading in bed without the light on. Silly me. Appealing to fans of series like Tomorrow, When The War Began, SOE is everything you want in an apocalyptic novel and more. Romance, action, humour, and a steady plot that sucks you right in. If you're stuck for a read, then go check out this little gem, because it'll absolutely blow your mind!