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Touching Smoke - Airicka Phoenix Sometimes it's hard to find a book that goes against the stereotypes of it's genre. Heck, even I'm guilty of doing that in my own writing. We're so comfortable these days reading the same generic stuff, that when something that breaks those barriers come along, it hard not to be totally amazed. And I'm not just saying that because Airicka is a wonderful person (which she totally is) and gave me a copy of the book for review, it's because it just amazing.I was constantly on the edge with this book. Nothing about it was predictable, right down to the point where I was guessing "Is this paranormal? Is it science fiction? IS THIS DARK ANGEL IN REAL TIME?" At which point I was praying Jensen Ackles would burst out of my computer screen. But no, seriously. If you want a book that isn't predictable but leaves you hanging on to every word, then this it. I can't really describe what I mean by this without really giving the book away, so you'll just have to go and buy it and read it and find out what on earth I'm talking about.Fallon was a character that I really enjoyed. As much as I say this, I really felt connected to her, and for me that's one of the most important parts of a novel (excusing, of course, the sexy guy) and Airicka really nailed Fallon for me. She was snarky and fun, and didn't take crap from anyone - not even her mother or Isaiah, the guy she falls for. She took everything in her stride and even if she was put in a situation where she was like "That's totally not human", she just accepted it slightly and pushed on as much as she could.And speaking of hot guys. Hello Isaiah. Everyone needs a swoonful guy in a leather jacket and a motorcycle, and that is Isaiah. Pure hotness, I've claimed him for my own. Oh, and he's also a really nice guy who is tied to Fallon in a way I can't describe without giving the book away. So you'll just have to read it to find out what on earth I mean. Oh hey, Déjà vu! A combination of all my favourite things - genetics (weird, I know. I'll slightly obsessed with genetics on a non-science-y level, which is STRANGE), romance and action - Touching the Smoke was a thrilling first novel in a series that I cannot wait to read more!