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Silver - Talia Vance If it's one book that will keep you on the edge of your seat this year, it's Silver by Talia Vance.Okay, so I use that sentence a lot. I admit, I adore so many books that I'll probably say that sentence nine out of ten times. But this time, it's different. I can't quite describe why, but not since I read Glitch by Heather Anastasiu have I felt so emotionally tied to a book.Brianna Paxton is a wallflower, and there's no perks that go with it. Boys don't see her - she's a fleeting glance, invisible, almost a ghost. Which doesn't really work well when she's crushing on Blake Williams, who doesn't see her at all. Until one silver moment, when Blake really sees her for what she is, and everything changes.I am in love with mythology. Just putting it out there. Thanks to certain books that came out this year, the Greeks have held my interest, and now I have a new love. Celtic mythology. Talia has taken a subject that isn't really big in YA literature and completely turned it into something amazing. I think writing mythology is hard - it's stories that have already been told, that have already been passed down from generation to generation. It takes a lot to take something that someone has already 'penned', if you will and turn it into your own, and Talia has done it so so beautifully here.I really don't know where to start with this. From the first sentence, I was completely captured. Beauty is pointless if no-one is looking. In seven words, Talia has managed to sum up my feelings entirely. I have always felt this. It's like the whole tree falling in the forest does it make a sound analogy. From then on, I was completely hooked. Talia uses an old favourite to introduce us to the world that she has created - a party. What teenager doesn't love a party? Sometimes, it seems as if it needs to be a staple of a YA novel. Which can be irritating, but is done flawlessly here. Not only are we introduced to the major players of the novel and it's setting, but we also step right into Brianna's head. We also have no idea what's going on, which is totally okay, because Brianna doesn't know what's going on. And once again, something that could have gone horribly wrong has gone beautifully right. She takes an old legend and twists a new idea into with a sustainable plot and character that you know you are going to have great love/hate relationships with.Right from the start, I knew I was going to like Brianna. She's one of the strongest female YA girls I've met (read?). I was pleasantly surprised at how normal Brianna was. Which is saying something, considering she's anything but normal. Brianna knows that she's different, but she goes about how and why she's different in a completely new way. She's addicted to the science of things, the logical. But she has a heart also, and it's because of that she's got this crush on Blake Williams...so instead of being all gushy and woe is me about it, she makes him her science project. Which is just plain awesome. She's beautiful - but's she one of these girls who doesn't moan about how unattractive she thinks she is (which is just plain annoying). Brianna accepts who she is. Brie knows how to stick up for herself as well. She's got guts - sure, she's in the shadow of her friends, but she can hold her own down. She's got snark, she can throw one back against the boys and the way she describes everything is brilliant - especially people. Take Joe for example:He's a dark haired James Dean wannabe, except for the Greenpeace tattoo on his left forearm. He might actually have a cause.And speaking of guys. Well, hello. Two bad boys in one story? I thought I was going to die from all the swooning I did. When we are introduced to Blake, we automatically see him as the popular boy who's got it all. The girls, the looks - and Brie's heart. She can't help but fall for Blake, even when he starts 'noticing' her. Sure, he's a class A jerk, but there's another side of Blake that Brie brings out - especially when they are bound together. And for all he is worth, Blake can't deny an attraction to Brie either. While we don't really see much development from him as a person, only what is through Brie's eyes, Blake was a character I fell in love with. But then Austin kept cropping up. Austin, who steal's Brie's first kiss. Who just made everything more interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next, especially as I think *cough* Brie won't be able to deny her feelings for Austin (I saw them there! He needs love as well!)As for the minor characters, even they were perfect. One of Brie's friends, Christy, is the ditzy bimbo that annoys the hell out of you, but she gives you a laugh. Helen, Brie's best friend, becomes entangled in the world that Brie has fallen into, and there's a lot that goes on with them.Reading Silver was like coming home and taking a big deep breath of fresh sea air. I now know why mythology is fast becoming one of my favourite reads, and I cannot wait to delve deeper into the world that Talia has created. Everything about this novel is intriguing - from the plot to the characters. It was full of action, full of romance (I'm still trying to cool my cheeks) and kept me wanting more and more. If you want a story that will suck you right in and give you a book hangover, then I suggest this book. If there's a dark horse in this year's YA releases, then this is definitely it.