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Glitch - Heather Anastasiu You know that feeling when you get an ARC copy of a book that you've been fantasising about since you first heard of it?Yeah, that one. That's how I was when I was approved to read Glitch by St. Martin's Press.As random as it may sound, one of the things I love most about dystopian fiction is the setting of the world that we now live in, and Heather has portrayed possibly one of my favourite 'scenarios' to date. A society which is controlled by what the government says is right and wrong – every move dictated by a Link that runs the way people live. This is the Community, where Zoe lives – and where Zoe starts to glitch – a malfunction in her Link causing her to have proper human emotions and thought – something that the Community thought that they had wiped out forever. Glitch for me was a book that I knew could not disappoint me in anyway. While I was a little scared just in case it did, I plunged right into it and never wanted to come up for air. The whole world that Heather has created was just breath-taking. What I love in dystopians is authors taking ideas to new levels, and there are a lot out there that use the same generic formula that while I still love it, it does get old. Heather took the idea of an oppressed society, and built something incredibly fascinating and real out of it that you can actually see it happening in the future. But that wasn’t what grabbed me the most. By the time the end of the novel came around, you’ve got a pretty comfortable idea about what the Community is like and how it exists (without wanting to spoil, the Community is underground – it’s not safe to go up above) and then Heather just drops this big bomb on the whole thing that you kind of say to yourself, “Why didn’t I know that was coming?” And why? Because for once, a dystopian has me so completely enthralled that I’m not paying attention to the details, the little clues that are scattered around the book. You feel like a fool afterwards, because it’s so damn obvious, but hey, that’s all part of the fun, right? Everything was extremely detailed as well – applause there. I felt like I knew what I was reading about the entire way through. Zoe was such a breath of fresh air as well. I loved every part of her journey, and I felt like I was in one of those out of body experiences while reading, like I had been transported right into the Community and was watching everything alongside of her. The whole of idea of oppressed emotions...I can’t even begin to imagine how that feels. And then to go and start glitching like Zoe does – it’s practically asking for a one way ticket to Emotional Town. I’ve read many reviews already about how people didn’t like that Zoe doesn’t understand emotions, and then all of a sudden she’d name one or feel one instantly. But that’s completely what I loved about this. Emotion isn’t something that is taught, it’s an instant reaction. Hell, I can’t even say I know what love feels like yet, even though I feel like I’ve known what it is. But for me, it’s just been heartbreak. I didn’t know what anger was when I first felt it as a child, I just knew that it was anger. We are emotional people as human beings, and it’s something that comes naturally to us. I can’t explain it that well, but, just know what I mean!!! Zoe is going through so much, and it all comes at once. Love, anger, frustration. And Adrien...oh be still my beating heart. He was just...amazing. I have a lot of time for Adrien. Sure, his words crack me up, but that’s what makes him unique. He’s different from what most of our usual dystopian guys are like, but for me, he is right up there along the likes of Four. He’s confident and not too overbearing and just generally an all round nice guy. Most guys in dystopian are tough hard nuts, but not Adrien. While I thought the triangle with Max was a little underplayed, I’m so excited for the sequel because I want to know more about Max and if he will do what I think he will. If you are wondering who Max is, he’s the other guy. If you are after a dystopian novel that is completely spellbindingly brilliant, then this is a novel for you. Be prepared to be torn apart and have everything you thought you know go out the window. Open yourself up to emotion, and don’t be afraid of it – it’s a huge part of your own identity and shapes who you are as a person. An extremely compelling and enthralling read that will have you on the end of your seat and want more and more!If you haven't pre-ordered this book already, go do it now. Seriously. Since when have I given bad advice?