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Don't You Wish - Roxanne St. Claire Don't You Wish is a novel about growing up believing in who you are and what makes you unique isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's all about young girls having their own identity and not conforming to what is on trend, what is popular and believing that popularity, especially in high school, isn't all that it's cracked up to be. What makes this not just another novel about a girl who redeems herself is the character Annie herself. Annie is probably as normal as you can get for a teenage girl. She's awkward, a bit shallow and isn't 'popular'. All she wants is to be accepted by the cool group in school and have what they have, but she doesn't realize (until the end of course) that popularity isn't all that it's cracked up to be. She goes through this amazing transition in realizing that her friends and family are all that she needs. Annie is not perfect. And she doesn't turn out perfect either.While the story line is mildly predictable, there are a few twists to this story that make it an enjoyable and light read. I found myself pleasantly surprised by the ending. A perfect book for lying by the pool with this summer, but with just that tad bit more than your average Joe YA contemporary novel. Add it to your summer reading list!