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The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls - Julie Schumacher The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls was a light and easy summer read about one girl who finds herself forced into a book club by her mother after having an accident, meaning she can’t go on a camping trip with her best friend. When I first heard of this book through NetGalley, the first thing I thought of was a YA version of The Jane Austen Book Club, one of my favourite book/movie adaptations, but with more sassier characters and of course, that intriguing dead person that is mention. I got my wish.This book was full of quirky one liners, especially where our MC is concerned. Adrienne is one of those characters that you can easily picture – snarky and irritated at the fact that she can’t join her bestie on the camping trip, annoyed that there’s a limit to the things she can ask her mother. A typical teenager, no less. While Adrienne is our just an ordinary girl, throw in CeeCee, your typically popular rich girl, Jill, who doesn’t take crap from anyone and Wallis, the loner whose life is a mystery to the others, you have a combination for one interesting book club. While at times the characters seemed a bit thrown together and not very well rounded, they worked well together. The one thing I loved about this book was the format. Set in the form of an essay, which we find out during the book is an assignment that Adrienne must do over the summer as part of her assigned reading, Adrienne tells the story the way that an essay is meant to be set out - and each part of the story relates to the essay at some point - eg climax, conclusion etc. I thought this was a great and unique way of introducing and setting each part of the novel, and gave it that certain edge that made it an enjoyable read rather than something bland.Overall, this novel was a quick and easy read that would make any boring summer day go by faster.