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Normalish - Margaret Lesh What is normal? Am I normal? These are the questions fourteen year old Stacy is asking herself in this sassy contemporary that challenges the way that we perceive ourselves and the people around us.At first, I didn't quite know what to make of Normalish. Usually anything I read on my Kindle app is a proof copy, unless it's a book that is only available via Kindle, because as many of my blogging friends know, I'm an actual book kind of girl. Because of this, whenever I read something on my Kindle, I tend not to enjoy the book as much as I do when I have it in my hot little hands. Normalish was one of these cases.Don't get me wrong, this book was full of little quips and quirks that made me smile and laugh. I thought Stacy was a fourteen year old mature well above her age group, even if her decision making was a little bit immature at times. She thinks outside of the box and over the hill, and begins to challenge life in a way that fourteen years generally don't. I don't tend to read a lot of novels where the main character is as young as Stacy, but I found myself warming up to her quite a bit.Stacy isn't perfect, which is another thing I love. This book, while remaining mostly light and humourous, at times delves into heavier issues, such as mental illness, suicide and backstabbing best friends. At times Stacy was selfish and inconsiderate of others, especially her family members and friend Chad, but that's kind of what made her so, well, excuse the pun, normal. The whole book was written in diary form (which was something that irritated me, diaries usually do), so we get to see everything from Stacy's POV, including her feelings about her sister being sent away, her first loves and rejections. While some of Stacy's decisions irritated me - like how Chad only became attractive after he had his braces taken off, I like how Lesh managed to sow the seeds for Stacy's eye openings even before this occurred.As mentioned before, Normalish also deals with some pretty heavy topics that so many teenagers today face, and while at times I found that there was a lot of skimming over things, Lesh did a great job on touching on these subjects. This is one novel that I'd definitely recommend to parents of younger teenagers who are wanting that little bit something more.