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Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2)

Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2) - Welcome to a world where the Society chooses everything for you. From your future job to who you are going to marry. This is the world that Cassia, our main character lives in, and a world in which she is trying to figure out.What I'm trying to figure out is the book. And I read it at the end of November. Crossed basically picks up where Matched finished, with Cassia heading to the Outer Provinces to try and find Ky. The novel itself, for most of the time, plays out like some version of Cat and Mouse, with Cassia determined to find Ky and finding Rebellion/Uprising, and Ky determined not get killed and find Cassia, and the Society trying to make sure that neither of them succeed. For me personally, Crossed was a disappointing read. Where Matched outlined and showed us a world that was thought perfect but in fact was utterly flawed, Crossed seems like writing that was, if I can put it, half-heartedly done. Most of the time, the novel was spent either in the Outer Provinces or in the Carving, where there was little else to do but run, walk and discuss poetry and paintings. The jumping of point of views between Cassia and Ky became muddled into one, meaning you spent most of the time going, "Hold on, whose head are we in now?" While Condie definitely has a way with words, and in using symbolism and ideal such as the 100 Paintings or Poems to convey messages across (for example the use of the Dylan Thomas poem), the novel definitely lacked something - substance. All the characters felt weak and almost uncared for, and as for their own personal development, nothing really happened for Cassia and Ky. The book finished very abruptly, like if you had just run into a wall. The most intriguing part of the book was a plot twist involving one member of the love triangle. In saying all this, the reason I gave the book three stars on Goodreads is because one thing I will give to Condie is how simplistic Cassia and Ky's love for each other is. Especially when you are reading it. While most YA novels go for the full out shivers and chill running down your spine during a romantic scene, Condie keeps it..well, simple. It's very much like Regency England times - it's all in the touch, the look. Which I think is an amazing - and unique - way of portraying the love these two characters share for each other.