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If I Lie - Corrine Jackson For the first time since I’ve started blogging, I’ve not known where to begin when reviewing a book. Where to even start to begin in sharing my feelings about this novel?WHAT. A. FREAKING. ROLLER. COASTER. RIDE.You know you get some books where you just want to sit in a corner with it and bawl your eyes out? That was what If I Lie was like for me. But instead of this happening halfway through, I was reaching for the Kleenex about four pages in.If I Lie needs no introduction, except to say that you get what’s in the blurb and then a whole lot of then some. It’s like discovering Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream for the first time – you know it’s going to be great, and you’re so eagerly anticipating it, that when you have that first scoop, you just can’t stop. I hate giving spoilers, so all I’m going to say is if you think the blurb has you hooked, just you wait. What Corrine Jackson has created here is an emotionally raw and powerful novel about what love, friendship and family means in a harrowing and incredibly real sense. I’m not American, and though we Aussies have a great sense of national pride and patriotism, it’s not got a chocolate bar on what America has for its troops. And as an outsider to that world, as the reader we are dropped right into the situation that Quinn, our MC, is facing, and boy, is it a hard one.Quinn is a character that I fell in love with from page one. She’s dealing with the fall out for cheating on her Marine boyfriend, and it’s not pretty. It’s Mean Girls but one hundred times worse. If you’ve read Speechless by Hannah Harrington – it’s worse than that. Quinn’s keeping her head down and her chin up, despite all the flack she’s copping. Usually at this stage, I’d be screaming at the MC with frustration, yelling at her to just have some balls and stand up for herself – fight back – but with Quinn, there’s so much more to her situation. She cares – and loves – so fiercely for the people around her that she’s willing to sacrifice a hell of a lot – including her own happiness – to protect them. But at the same time, she has her flaws, just like the rest of us. Quinn’s not perfect. She made mistakes, and she’s ready to scream and yell, break down and confess all. And at the end, I was so proud of her for taking a stand, for seeing the people in her life that truly matter and care about her – and just generally not putting up with the crap that others gave her.This book, if anything, is all about relationships, communication and how we perceive people. It’s about acceptance and looking deeper at people, seeing them from what’s on the inside rather than just at skin level. It made me cross, angry, frustrated, sad, and really shocked that people – especially young teenagers – act in this way. My favourite, of course, is the sweet relationship that Quinn forges with war veteran George.There were, at times, when I felt frustrated with some of the outcomes of the book, but the more I thought about it, the more I understand the reasoning behind it. We are left to make our own presumptions – the whole thing behind the novel – and well, I’m not going to say much more than that. What I will say is GO AND GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. I mean it this time too. And don’t forget to buy a box of tissues (and maybe one more, for extra measure) on your way home. This is one book you will not be putting down. Unless it’s to wipe those tears of course.