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An Endless Summer (Summer, #2)

An Endless Summer (Summer, #2) - C.J. Duggan HOLY BATMAN. Do I need to review this book? Will a just franking read it suffice? Oh my beating heart be still, I think I'm in lust. And I do not mind at all.Read this book folks. It's the bomb.There's not a lot I can say about An Endless Summer, except for how amazing it is. In which case this review may be rather short, because there's only so many words in the thesaurus that I can use to express my uttermost love for not just this book, but CJ herself, and the whole series to come.It's hard when you have the sequel or companion novel or even just another stand alone book to an author who completely blew you away with their first novel. If you remember, I adored The Boys of Summer. I fell in love with the 90s vibe and the summer feel, the romance between Tess and Toby that was meant to be. And then I pined for Sean, the boy who seemed to love but not be loved in return.And then we get An Endless Summer, and Hannah is a very happy girl. Like the last time, when I read Boys of Summer to the early hours of the morning, I found myself curled up in a hostel bed at 4am in the morning, unable to sleepAn Endless Summer isn't so much a sequel or even a companion novel. It's like a Sarah Dessen or Stephanie Perkins novel - same world, some of the same characters, but so brilliantly done that it can hold it's own.What I loved about An Endless Summer - and I probably loved it more than TBOS - was that it was completely different from it's predecessor.For one, you get a main character who isn't straight up in love with her male MC counterpart. It's a romance that develops slowly throughout the book through looks and glances and what I like to call the 'Pride and Prejudice' romance. While Tess was already in love with Toby from the get go, Amy doesn't - or doesn't think - love Sean in that way. He's more a pain in her backside than anything, and through their interactions as she gets to know him more personally, her feelings also develop. And as they do, Amy begins to realize that she likes Sean - not loves, but definitely like, likes him. And that's what I love. I love a character who isn't in love straight away, even once her feelings come to surface. Amy and I are quite similar in the way that we see that you can't love someone from the get go, it's something that takes time and understanding. Which, in the midst of so many mature YA and NA novels lately, is something so refreshing to read.Amy herself was a completely different character to what I expected as well. When we knew her in The Boys of Summer, she's a bit of a spoilt brat. That hasn't changed, and even now at nineteen, Amy's still got a lot to learn. Which she does, of course. But she's also got spirit and fire, and I loved how fierce and quick she was with a comeback. All in all, she is my kind of girl; we'd be the best of BFFs (hint, hint). I know I loved Amy from the start on, but talking to a few people after they'd read it, and I know she wasn't the most easiest of characters to initially love, but it's the way she changes her whole outlook that I found personally so appealing - and I know a lot of people also did. And then there's Sean. I loved him in The Boys of Summer, and I still love him now. He's the perfect gentlemen. Why can't there be more Australian boys like that, huh? Plus there's this lovely, jokery side to him and I love seeing him wind Amy up.Once again, CJ has given me a book that I've not been able to put down and never want to end. I find myself going back and reading certain parts over and over again, feeling that same squeeeeeeeeeee feeling every time I read the wonderful characters and world that she's created. To be honest there's not a lot of words describing that perfect feeling you have when you read a book that just makes absolute sense. This is one of those books.