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Naturals (Lost Souls (Entangled Teen))

Naturals - Tiffany Truitt *Please note that if you haven't read The Chosen Ones, I recommend that you skip this review. I'll try to be as non spoilery as possible!*I was completely taken with the concept behind The Chosen Ones when I first read it last year, and while I wasn't so emotionally connected with the characters, I was completely fascinated by the world that Tiffany Truitt had created that being able to read Naturals before it came out was like opening a Christmas present days beforehand.Now that I've read Naturals, I can see that The Chosen Ones was almost just a preemptive to the second book (which is pretty much the point of the first book in a series). Chosen Ones sets the scene, and it's in Naturals that everything comes together perfectly, and if you love a novel that questions pretty much everything, coupled in with romance and action, then this is a series for you.Tess is a character that I grew to have enormous respect for. She's not perfect, and in the first novel it shows, and at first I felt quite disconnected with her as a person. Pretty much what ever crap you can dish out on a person, it seems to happen to Tess. And the great thing about her development as a character means that she learns the power behind speaking her mind; the power of words. She grows this incredible backbone and I was seriously rooting for her by the end of the novel. In between giving her a hug, of course, from everything that happens. One thing that I also loved about Tess in a main character was her ability to discern that not everything is perfect in any world. As she leaves the compound and life as she knew it behind, she heads towards freedom. But Tess also recognizes that freedom comes at a certain cost, and I applaud her for being able to stand up and tell it like it is. I felt a bit sad that there wasn't as much Tess and James time in this one, but all things considered, I wouldn't have it any other way. What I love about their relationship is that it's not all built on the passionate 'in the moment' type of romance that you often find in novels these days, especially when it comes to the dystopian trend. James and Tess have a mutual understanding with each other, and it shows. They respect and care for one another so beautifully, and I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that James reads books (a book lover guy? Sign me up!) that has me a bit head over heels.In a nutshell, Naturals was an energizing read that kept me on my toes the entire time. There was something happening behind every page, but it was so beautifully crafted that nothing felt jumbled or too much. I'm completely taken in by the plot, and I think it's definitely one of the top dystopian books I've ever read, and probably one of the best sequels to a book as well. It won't leave you feeling disappointed at all - okay, well, maybe just a little once you've finished because you know you have to wait now for the next book to come out!