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Fateful - Claudia Gray I've never felt inclined to pick up one of Claudia Gray's Evernight books before, but as soon as I found out that she had written Fateful, I couldn't resist buying the book. Especially since it was purchased with a gift card!While werewolves are generally not my thing - I've never been too keen on the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and I'm definitely Team Edward all the way - but combined with one of my biggest obsessions - the Titanic - I found this book quite interesting.Tess is our female protagonist, and for a lady's maid in the 1900s, she's well educated, very opinionated and speaks up for herself - something that wasn't done in those days, and definitely comes as a shock to those around her as they realize that she has a voice. She cares about the people she loves deeply, and doesn't let anything stand in the way of that. However, for all her feminist ways, she understands her place and what is right and wrong. She was someone I could very much relate to, and I can see how she could easily fall in love with Alec.Alec is our resident werewolf in this story, a gorgeous and mysterious red head who is a first class passenger on board the Titanic. He's the type who doesn't believe in the idea of stations, and hates the way that Lady Regina treats Tess. And he does it all in that strong and silent manner that just makes you want to swoon.The way Gray has written the book as well is great. You really see what life was like for servants - especially with some of the major issues that plagued rich families in those days - ie the 'ruining' of daughters and what happens to servants if they are caught with child. The only problem I had with Fateful was the accuracy of the novel. While I understand that such liberties need to be taken in order for the novel to flow right, being a Titanic freak doesn't help me very much. I'm very much a hardline, "It must be done like this, or else!" type of person, and the Titanic is one of those things that I believe needs to be done right. However, this is coming from the girl who has read Walter Lord's A Night to Remember so many times she's practically memorized it off by heart, so it's my own personal view and not to be taken in serious consideration!