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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - For someone who usually hates anything to do with science, I’ve found myself in the last couple of years being completely interested in genetics and artificial intelligence. Whether or not it’s something to do with my infatuation with the future world and the dystopian/utopian novel, the way that we, as humans, can create and manipulate the body is just fascinating.So it’s no surprise that when I heard about Eve and Adam, I was jumping up and down like a little girl on Christmas Eve. This had everything I wanted in a novel, and for once it seemed like the woman was in control, rather than the man, hence the Eve and Adam.And let’s not mention the fact that it’s co-written by Katherine Applegate, who wrote the Animorphs series and one of my fave series EVER. Sorry Michael Grant, I’ve never read any of your books, so all the gushing goes to Katherine. But hey, we all know that these two are awesomesauce in themselves, so the book is going to be pretty damn great.Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with Eve and Adam. It’s not the greatest sci-fi YA book I’ve read, I will admit. At times I felt the story line was lacking and too fast paced, leaving no room for engagement between the characters, which meant at times they also fell a bit flat. However for all the bad things I’ve read about Eve and Adam, I think it stacks up pretty well against most other books.The whole concept of being able to create life is fascinating, and here it’s done in an easy, self explanatory way. I think that with lots of YA readers falling into the age gap of 18+, we expect the same level of maturity that we have as an adult in the books we read, but what most don’t grasp is that YA books are written for exactly that – young adults. Which are generally 13 years and older. So yes, Eve and Adam can seem quite basic, but for a younger person (and for scientifically challenged people like me), the basics is what we want. We want to read something without having to question what certain words or things mean every ten minutes, and Applegate and Grant have crafted that perfectly in this novel.I also loved that Adam didn’t have a major role in the novel. Sure, he was present, but he wasn’t the main focus. The relationships were well done also, although I think the relationship that Eve had with her mother could have been done with a little more intensity, but other than that I felt myself really enjoying the characters.Eve and Adam was a quick, light and easy read that while at times was too fast paced, was exciting and interesting to read. I always love hearing different takes on the genetics side of things, and this one definitely piqued my interest, so if that’s something you are interested in, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this book too!