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Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer I have to admit, out of all the Merrick brothers, I've loved Nick the most. The quieter one. The smart one. The most level-headed.Yeah, my choice in guys sucks. Just saying.Even after reading Breathless, I'm still in love with Nick Merrick. It's hard, giving up a love like that when you know that the person doesn't reciprocate your feelings. And yes, I'm well aware that even if he was real, I'd never have a chance with Nick. But a girl can dream, even more so if he's fictional.Breathless blew me away. It was short, yes, as a novella book and I'm really gunning for Nick to have his own book even more now. Truth be told the events in Breathless were completely unexpected, and I had no idea that Nick was in such a turmoil.Brigid Kemmerer has always had a way with words, and the Elemental series is one I really love. However, in Breathless Kemmerer takes one step forward with a subject that is still is up in the air in today's society and writes a masterpiece in 60 pages.You also get Quinn here too. Now, she's not been the easiest of characters so far, but you really learn about why she is how she is. As I said - I really hope these two get their own book, as they deserve it. Quinn is so much more than Becca's best friend, and it would be cruel not to give her more of a story. My only main qualms was that the novella ended to abruptly and I want more, dammit!I've come to realize something though - Brigid's novellas are almost like prequels to the characters books. Which means, Elementalists, we can live in hope that Nick will get his book. Because if he doesn't, beware Brigid. I'll make sure it happens.Once again, another Merricklicious read, but this time there is a bit more poignancy attached to it. Brigid Kemmerer once again shows why the Elemental series are so highly popular, and this is one novella you won't want to miss.