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So Into You (The Jane Austen Academy Series)

So Into You (The Jane Austen Academy Series) - Cecilia Gray It's no secret that I'm a Jane Austen lover. Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll back up that. Back in the UK, I had dibs on Mr. Darcy, and a close friend of mine Mr. Knightly. To her, I'm known as Mrs. Darcy, but I don't have a total preference for just Darcy. Brandon, Wentworth AND Tilney all float my boat too. Anyway, when I read Fall For You, the first in the Jane Austen Academy novels, I fell head over heels. It was such a fun and light rom-com read, and if you love Jane Austen interpretations - especially YA ones - as much as I do, then this is one series you should definitely read.So Into You carries on where the first book left off - Lizzie is with Dante (YAY!), the school is still going to change names (BOO!) and now Ellie, Lizzie's BFF is headed for disaster zone. If you know the story of Sense & Sensibility, then you have a fair idea of what So Into You is about. If you don't then the premise basically what it says up the top.Ellie’s parents have decided that she’s leaving JASTA for Guatemala, and Ellie’s not happy. But that’s the way things are, and slowly she learns to accept that she has to leave behind all that she loves about JASTA, especially her BFF Liz and the boy she’s been crushing on for ages – Eddie. But just when she thinks that Eddie reciprocates what she feels, it all goes pear shape. And the Lizzie is hiding something, and it only seems like Emma, her roommate is the only person there for her – but even she’s got her own problems.So Into You is definitely my favourite so far (sorry Darcy, I’ll make it up to you later). What I loved about this novel was how Cecilia managed to weave the complexity of one of Jane A’s hardest novels to read (have you read S&S? Sheez, you need a whole month off to read the thing!) and turned it into something brilliant. I love it when I can engage with the characters, and numerous times I felt like bopping Ellie and Ed on the head and telling them to stop being so stupid. Elinor was never one of my fave Jane A girls, mainly because we don’t see eye to eye on things (hello Marianne!), but I loved being in Ellie’s head, and I felt so much sympathy for her.The other brilliant thing about this series is all the different characters in the books. It’s not just Sense and Sensibility redone – all the other characters are based on Jane A characters, and I loved trying to guess who was who – when I found out who Knightley was I think I gave a little squeal!If you are looking for a light, romantic read that will leave you wanting more, then read So Into You. The perfect combination of everything, my only problem is that it ended. And I think that’s a sign of a good book when you don’t want it to end!