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Fall For You (The Jane Austen Academy Series)

Fall For You (The Jane Austen Academy Series #1: A Modern Retelling of Pride & Prejudice) - Cecilia Gray I love Jane Austen. Let's just get that out there. Mr. Darcy is my soul mate, Henry Tilney is my best friend, I'm going to marry Mr. Knightley, Captain Wentworth is my lover and Colonel Brandon is the man whose going to carry me all the way back home after I go walking in the fields and get caught in a downpour.*When I got an email through Goodreads wanting people to sign up and review Fall For You, a novella by author Cecilia Gray, I just had to jump at the chance. Yes, give me Jane Austen in any form, and I will read it, watch it or hear it.The girls at Jane Austen Academy are in for a bit of a shock: boys are coming to the Academy. Like they'd need the distraction, especially when entry into Ivy league schools is on the line. For Lizzie, it means that everything has changed - including her friendship with her best friend. Then there's Dante, the rich guy who likes to push her buttons.I absolutely devoured this novella. It was a quick and easy read, but it left you feeling all gooey inside like a good YA romance is supposed to. There's nothing quite like two people who hate each other but secretly like the other. For me, that's something that never gets old. My only qualm was that there needed to be more. With everything condensed into a certain amount of pages, sometimes it seems as though that there's less depth to the characters and the plot. While to me, in Fall For You it didn't matter, because I loved it anyway, a lot more story could have been told.The characters were great - Lizzie was strong and independent, but at the same time she had so many flaws that you kind of just wanted to slap her across the head and tell her to wake up and smell the sunshine. But I love characters with flaws, because they seem more like humans that way. If they are too perfect, then you aren't going to relate to them at all. Dante, as any Mr. Darcy does, made me want to just throw Lizzie out the way and be all, "Here I am! Don't worry about her, it's me you want!" Further development of the minor characters would have been nice - I wanted more interaction between Georgie and Wickham - but I'm hoping that as the series goes on, we will see all the characters grow and their stories told.Another thing I loved was that this was not just exclusively a Pride & Prejudice retake. Yes, it was the main background for the novella, but there were hints of other Austen novels in there too, like Persuasion. Which I love!Overall, this was a gem of a read. A great, humorous read with lots of romance - a nice change from all the dark dystopian books I've been reading lately!