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How My Summer Went Up in Flames

How My Summer Went Up in Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski I have to say, reading just the blurb of this book had me hook, line and sinker. Let's dissect for a second. Impulsive Set her cheating's ex-boyfriend's car on fire. Stalking. Temporary Restraining Order. Summer vay-cay. Heartbroken. Furious. Let's just say awesome in a paragraph.How My Summer Went Up In Flames was a snappy and sassy read that made me laugh, cringe and swoon all in the space of about four hours. It is possibly one of the perfect summer reads you need to add to your list.Rosie was a beautifully flawed character. She was the best of everything - snarky and sassy with a sharp set of claws. She's quick to judge, has a fiery temper and isn't very rational in her way of thinking. Rosie needs a lot of work, and even though she doesn't exactly change by the end of the book, the ambiguous ending lends something great in the idea that from Rosie's point of view, change doesn't just happen overnight. It takes time, and Rosie's outlook on the future is just that. Change is possible, and it takes time. And who knows what the future may hold? She does come across as a bit whiny and selfish throughout the book, which was a trait I felt dragged on a bit too much.It's not just Rosie that makes this book. It's the supporting characters in the boys she travels across country with. All three guys - Matt, Spencer and Logan are extremely quirky and geeky guys. As time goes on, Rosie learns that she cares more for them that she realises. Her brother Matt, of course, was this awesome best friend who really cared for Rosie. I loved his geekiness. Most of the novel is set on the road trip, and the conclusion is a little rushed, but I liked how this wasn't a novel about a girl trying to get her ex back, but more about her getting over her ex and forging her own path.This is one novel that will make you laugh the whole entire way through. And the places they stop at on the road - man, I'm so excited to be heading to America! Add this one to your reading list this summer, it's one that will definitely be worth the read. Summer here you come!