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Starcrossed: Dreamless

Dreamless  - Josephine Angelini Ever since I accidentally bought Starcrossed on Amazon UK, I’ve been absolutely smitten with anything Greek mythology. Everneath started it, Starcrossed brought it to new heights, and now, with the sequel to this epic series, Dreamless was pretty much my type of poison. Because of Starcrossed, I’m actually taking a Ancient Greece & Rome unit at university this semester coming. It’s going to be awesome!For those who haven’t yet read Starcrossed, I’d recommend the Goodreads page, as I’m not very good at explaining things without going into looong details. And Starcrossed is full of them! So if you haven’t read Starcrossed, I’d stop reading from here. Just know that both books are fantastic, and you should go right out and read them!SPOILERS – READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL!Helen’s struggling with the daunting task she’s been given in the Underworld. Every night she visits is another night that goes by without any success, and it seems that she’ll never get to free the Furies so that the Houses can be at peace with each other. But is setting the Furies free the right thing to do? And can Helen stay away from Lucas, knowing that to love him is forbidden?One thing that I loved so much about Dreamless is the mythology of it all. Obviously it plays a big part of the novel, but Josephine has really outdone herself – pretty much every important Greek god is present in Dreamless, bar the top few (fingers crossed we get to meet Zeus in Book 3!). She’s done so well at the actual research to make the books as authentic as possible, and I give her kudos for that, because mythology is not easy. There’s even bits of Roman and Eygptian mythology throughout the book, and I was like, “Dear Gods woman, does your knowledge ever stop?” Josephine, I’d like your mind please! As I said, we’re introduced to a wide range of characters in Dreamless, and they make this book, but Josephine managed to keep it all together and while at times the change in POVs left me a tad confused, the entire novel seemed to flow easily – the POV bit is my own personal preference, but was necessary for the novel. Otherwise you’d be like huh? And we wouldn’t want that. My favourite character introduction was Orion. Oh Orion, be still my beating heart. You’ve captured me, that’s for sure. Orion is pretty much hotness incarnate. Orion has been sent by Daphne (Helen’s Mum) into the Underworld to help her, and the two click right away, especially with Lucas going all berserk on Helen.Speaking of Lucas, he’s hiding some shady things in this book. One thing I’m disappointed about is that though there is a lot of Helen/Lucas time, there’s not enough! I’m really interested on seeing how the whole thing pans out (loving the fact that we know they’re not related, total Greek tragedy there!) and wanted more on that side of things, but we can’t have it all!On the sideline, I love watching Claire & Jason's growing romance. I was rooting for them all the way through Starcrossed, and Jason is just adorable. Their romance is just so...beautiful. Sometimes I'd rather read them then Lucas and Helen, which is bizarre.Overall, I adored Dreamless. Josephine has grown as a writer since Starcrossed, and I was highly impressed with how she managed to keep everything interesting when there was so much information to give, but she did it fabulously. Helen sometimes got on my nerves, but that’s all part of her flaws as a character, and I’m hoping to see some more growth from her now in the next of the books. Josephine has a great series on her hands, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next!