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The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter Love it or hate it, Kate & Henry's love story comes to a conclusion with The Goddess Inheritance, the final book in the trilogy. I have to admit, I'm a fence sitter here. The Goddess Test left me wary. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, and wasn't particularly enamoured by our heroine. The Goddess Hunt left me confused by my feelings for Henry and all that he did wrong. And what Kate didn't do in proving her worth and love for Henry. So going into The Goddess Inheritance was a bit like...expecting a disappointment. Which I got. To be fair, there was really nothing wrong with the story. However for me, it was just another conculsion to a series I needed to finish. Kate disappointed me so much in this book. For all her supposed bravery, she never came out on top shining. Fellow blogger and awesomesauceness Eileen mentions it in her review, about how hypocritical Kate is in pretty much every situation. Eileen puts it perfectly - "Kate was so hypocritical at times that I wanted to kick someone, ideally her. She said she was nice, right after snarling to somebody and calling them a "bitch." That's not so nice."- almost as if she'd been reading my thoughts exactly. Kate reminds me a bit of Regina George. You know in that scene in Mean Girls where Cady thinks Regina is talking to Aaron Samuels for her but then Regina kisses him and Cady's all like "I don't know what Janis meant, Regina is such a good....SLUT!" Reading Kate is like being Cady. I felt bad for Cronus, really. Poor guy trapped in eternal damnation with nobody to keep him company except for Calliope, aka the world's biggest bitch. And the one girl who he thinks loves him is double crossing him. No wonder he gets so mad...Plus - and it's not that much of a spoiler seeing as they mention it in the sypnosis - I hate babies in books. They don't belong in them. At all. Especially in YA. Personal preference. Though I did like that they called the baby Milo, keeping in with the mythology. Overall, I'm glad to have read through the series and to see how it ended. While it was not the cup of tea I particularly wanted - and I can't really divulge too much information without completely ruining it for you, the elements of Greek mythology were definitely a great read - the whole adaption of mythology was what I loved about this series.