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Survive - Alex Morel Jesus, I know not all books can have happy endings, but seriously? This left me in a mountain of tears. Excuse the pun.If there was a novel that had ever done a completely three sixty on me, it would be Survive by Alex Morel. I’d wanted to read this book since I first heard of it. The idea – a girl who wanted to commit suicide on a plane ends up as one of the only survivors of a plane crash – intrigued me as something fresh and new in the YA world of overdone clichés.I have to admit, to begin with, Survive bored me. I felt that Jane was a bit whingy, and the whole I want to end my life sort of thing didn’t appeal to me, and I wasn’t opening up to it. Whether or not it’s because I’ve never actually felt like that before that I was resistant to sympathizing with her, but in my opinion it seemed a bit selfish, something I didn’t really fully understand – or appreciate – until later in the novel.As I said before, at first Jane seems like a selfish character. I couldn’t relate to her problems at all, and I just wasn’t having any of it. But as I pushed into the novel, I found myself completely engrossed in everything – the story line, the characters – everything!Survive is pretty straight forward. Girl wants to end her life, irony ends up getting the better of her and she’s one of two survivors of a plane crash. Girl and boy butt heads at first, but then start falling in love, sacrifices need to be made and the ending’s not your happily ever after.Sounds simple, right?Well, be prepared for a bumpy ride. I don’t know at what point my feelings changed about his novel, but when they did, boy it was epic. I found myself respecting and sympathizing for Jane a lot more than I had anticipated. And Paul – I loved him from the get go. He was my type of boy, and the worst thing with finding a guy you like in a book is you know something’s bound to go wrong. Completely innocent, Paul’s survival of the plane crash could be put down to Jane – from their initial meeting at the airport when Jane freaks out in line, to him deciding to sit next to her after pegging her for a different type of girl (the philosophical kind, not the kind you are thinking of!), Paul’s fate is intertwined with Jane’s from the get go, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.A heart wrenching novel about sacrifices, finding yourself and where you really belong in the world, I challenge you to read Survive and not cry.