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Blink Once - Cylin Busby I have to admit, to begin with I wasn't liking this story as much as I thought I would. Yes, another novel that did a 180 on me, much like Survive by Alex Morel (see why here). Don't let the cover fool you - this isn't a girly book, and it's for mature YA readers only.West wakes up in hospital, paralzyed. It's there that he meets Olivia, the girl who lives in the room next door to his. Olivia devises a way for the pair to communicate when she realizes that West is aware of his surroundings - blink once for yes, twice for no. They form a friendship that blossoms as West is haunted by harrowing dreams. West is on the mend, but it doesn't seem like Olivia is. Usually I have trouble connecting with a male POV. Maybe it's because I'm female, maybe there's something about the guy's way of thinking that everyone else seems to get and I don't, but generally I stay clear. Exceptions being, of course, Something Like Normal. So my experience there drew me to this book.I loved the emotional connection that West had with Olivia. Throughout the whole book, we're seeing things through West's eyes. Through his heart beat. I felt constricted reading this book, as if I were West myself, unable to move, unable to see. Olivia doesn't act like West's family or friends though. She takes his injuries and state with a pinch of salt and moves on from that. I haven't read Fault in the Stars by John Green yet, but I imagine this relationship to be somewhat similiar to that. The love has no boundaries type of love. Sure it happens fast, but given the circumstances...In all reality, this book didn't hit me until three quarters of the way through. I was plondering along, and then at a certain point I just sat up. West's desperation for Olivia really hit me, and the explanation as to Olivia's time in the hospital made me tear up a bit. Clyin Busby's novel was eloquent and heart wrenching. There is no happy ending, just treasured memories, and for once, I kind of liked that. This is a novel of the unexplained, about one boy's journey. Because of his injuries, West's story is very believable, and as I said before, it's like you're reading from his mind the whole entire way through. It's nice to have books to recommend to guys as much as girls, and I think that this is one of them, or if you are looking for a refreshing male read, then pick up this one.