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Decked with Holly - Marni Bates It isn't often that I read a book and find myself in stitches the entire way through. Right from the get go, I was taken in with the frank and witty humour that really made this book shine.Holly has it tough. She's kind of like a modern day Cinderella, complete with wicked Aunt and two evil twin cousins that make Holly's life a misery. When she finds herself seasick on a cruise, she darts into an open suite to barf in the bathroom, only to be pepper sprayed by it's occupant. Who just so happens to be drummer Dominic Wyatt - Nick to Holly - of the famous ReadySet. Holly suddenly finds herself caught up in a fauxmance for two weeks. How can it be, right?This novel pushes all the right buttons. Usually I don't like split POV, but Marni really rocked this one. I really loved reading Nick's POV. I think that if we were to ever meet, we'd get on like a house on fire. His spunkiness made me snigger and giggle and swoon in all the right places. And Holly was the perfect female main character. She had an unseen charm about her that made her wildly appealing, and I found myself rooting for her the entire time. One thing I also love - and you can read more about it too if you check out my interview with Marni here, is that she is one of the only authors who doesn't justify the mean girls. One thing that frustrates me the most with some novels is that the mean girl always has a secret hidden past that justifies why she is mean and horrible to the MC. But really, sometimes, girls are just plain byotches for no reason. And the evil twins, Holly's cousins Allison and Claire, are exactly like that. Which for me was a win, because the last three contemporaries I've read have all had characteristics that I've described above.Overall Decked With Holly was a light and refreshing holiday romance that made me laugh and swoon all at once. It is fairly cliche, but if you are looking for a read to put on your Kindle or to slip in your carry on, then make sure it's this book. You'll be in tears!