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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey I’ve recently gone off vampires, mainly thanks to my past obsession with Twilight and the cringe factor that the movies brought with it (I’ve turned closet fan now!!). However there are a few selected books that centre around vampires – Vampire Academy for one. Now, I can add this fantastic book by Beth Fantaskey to that list.Senior year. A time to worry about boys (namely to cute farmer boy who keeps making eyes at you), bullies in the form of antagonising boys and evil cheerleaders and finding out that you are a Romanian vampire princess, betrothed to a hot vampire prince. At least, that’s what happens to the always thought she was your average American teenager, Jessica Packwood.I loved this novel because it was light but intense at the same time, it was humorous in all the right places and I do still have a soft spot for gorgeous vampires, even if they have a weird (but attractive) name like Lucius. Whilst it begins like any other vampire style novel, or like something off the Vampires section from FanFiction (guilty as charged for having spent an eternity on FF during aforementioned vampire addiction), Fantaskey has managed to create an interesting and somewhat humorous novel about what it’s like to be a vampire princess. I almost felt as if it were a kick in the teeth at all the other vampire novels out there, a spoof, but it was spoof that has been brilliantly written.Our two main characters are amazing, although I did find Lucius quite wooden at times. Jessica is normal, which is great. She doesn’t believe in vampires, and a good majority of the beginning of the book is spent with her completely adamant – like any other sane person – that vampires do not exist. At all. Lucius’s fascination with Jessica is very much alive throughout the whole novel, and we are shown this through the letters he writes back to Romania (anyone up for a Eurotrip btw?), and the change we see in these letters as to his feelings for her. The book is written from Jessica’s POV, so we only see her side of what’s happening, but these letters are a real insight into what Lucius feels and how these emotions affect the choices he makes in regards to Jessica and his impending marriage to her. Lucius’ lack of knowledge about Western culture and his hatred of the colour pink also helped cement my decision that this book was a great read – “It’s just red’s sorry, weak cousin.” Damn straight!The only disappointment I had in this book was that the ending was done and over before you knew it. While the beginning and the middle panned out nice and slowly at the right pace, as soon as the major conflict came, I was setting down the book having been finished. It felt very rushed, as if Fantaskey had decided that she couldn’t be bothered writing any more and just wanted to be over and done with the whole thing. I’ve seen this happen a lot with authors, where they just fizzle out with the ending. However, in saying that, it was only a minor disappointment – this book was fantastic, and I’m so glad to see that another book has been written and will be released this year.