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Fracture - Megan Miranda It’s funny how you can have a new favourite book in the space of a couple of hours. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been introduced to a wider range of books in the YA world that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked up to begin with.Fracture is one of these books. I fell head over heels, and fast.Delaney Maxwell’s heart stopped beating for eleven full minutes when she fell into the ice. She’s pronounced dead, but then she wakes up. And nobody wakes up after eleven minutes. Then Delaney notices something strange, an itch that gets stronger and stronger the more she’s around death. Strange things are happening, especially when Troy Varga comes on the scene.This book is everything. Suspenseful, invigorating, exciting, thrilling…I could go on and on with the list of synonyms. After the last couple of books that I read didn’t really WOW! me very much, I was so happy to read Fracture.For a debut novel, Megan Miranda has pinned down the art of great writing. From her style to her characters, everything about this novel blew me away. Everything happens at a pace that makes for a comfortable read, and at no stage are you left wondering what an earth just happened, or flicking back pages to re-read. From the very beginning, when Delaney falls into the ice, all the way through her time in the hospital to the exciting ending. I really felt as if I was watching all the events playing out, and my emotions were running high the whole entire time I was reading this book - and I read it all in about three hours, that’s how captivated I was!The characters play a huge part in this novel, and it’s them that would make or break the book. And they made it. Every character has a role in this book. Right from Janna, one of Delaney’s friends who took a rather surprising turn towards the end of the book (I won’t say what it was, but it literally made me weep with sadness!) to Delaney’s Mum, Joanne, who’s character is so defined it almost feels as you could be about to start reading a completely different saga. Delaney is a girl that I can relate to. She’s smart, she cares about her grades and is more worried at first about having missed a week of school than the fact that she’s just come back from the dead. She strives towards things, she has goals and ambitions. Like every teenager, she’s concerned about her appearance, but it doesn’t make her vain or superficial. Instead, it makes her more human. She doesn’t cut herself up over it. Sure, she thinks she’s grown a little curvier than other girls, but she’s not about to make herself sick over it. Her group of friends isn’t automatically described as ‘the popular ones’, but you know that they are well liked, including Delaney. Decker is a character that I fell in love with. To Delaney, he’s the perfect guy best friend. He gets mad when she crumples up his hair, they argue and play fight, but after the ice, something changes in their relationship. Decker goes from being the guy that lives next door and knows everything about Delaney to the guy that stays practically every night at the hospital and comes at two in the morning to read to Delaney to make sure that she doesn’t fall asleep. In essence, it was a love that was supposed to happen, but just never had a push in the right direction, and in a way Delaney’s fall pushed both of them to really come to terms with their feelings for one another, especially when other people come into the equation. There were times when I was literally screaming (in my head) for Delaney to just kiss Decker, or the other way round!The only character I really couldn’t figure out was Troy. He was there to stir up trouble really, and he did a good job of it, but maybe the fact that he was so…delusional (if that’s the right word to use!) is what made him hard to come to terms with. Who knows? This review has definitely gone on long enough, but if there’s one thing I can encourage you to do, it’s to go out and buy this novel. I don’t even care if you e-book it, which is totally against my ‘Long Live Paper!’ philosophy. Just buy it. Read it. Judge it for yourself. Trust me, if it’s anything, it’s awesome, and you’ll want to read it over and over again.